A gift in your Will can make a huge difference to future generations of disabled people. Find out how can transform lives.

This week is Remember a Charity week, aimed at raising the profile of legacy-giving among the public and encourage supporters to consider leaving a gift in their Will to charity.

We know thinking about writing a Will is a very personal topic. That’s why we’ve created this short introduction to help you think about your wishes.

Do I need a Will?

Having a Will ensures that you can choose who you would like to receive your assets when you die. Many people assume their partner will inherit their assets and so don’t make a Will. However, if you are unmarried or are in a civil partnership, your loved one won’t automatically inherit your assets.

To ensure your wishes are carried out and you provide for your partner and loves, you can name them in your Will. If you don’t have any family members to pass on your assets to, you may consider including a charity to benefit from your Will.

What is a legacy gift?

A legacy is when you leave a gift in your Will to a charity or charities of your choice.

Why leave a gift in your Will to Disability Sports Coach?

Your gift will empower future generations of disabled people through sport, helping to ensure we can provide our life-changing services long into the future.

How can you leave a gift in your Will?

There are two main ways you can leave a gift in your Will to charity:

  • A share of your estate (known as a residuary gift). This could be as high as you like – even 1% leaving 1% of your estate
  • Leave a fixed sum of money (known as a pecuniary gift)

What should I consider if I want to leave a gift in my Will to Disability Sports Coach?

If you have decided to leave a gift in your Will, it’s a good idea to visit a solicitor to have your Will written. This helps to ensure your wishes are recorded appropriately and accurately.

If you would like to know more about leaving a gift in your Will to Disability Sports Coach, please call our team on 07495 543 105 or email fundraising@disabilitysportscoach.co.uk