Support our Christmas Club and bring together disabled people to tackle isolation over the festive period.

Here's why...

We are all likely to be isolated or lonely but nearly half of disabled people are chronically lonely with a staggering 67% feeling lonely in the past year. In addition, 43% of disabled children are turned away from Christmas activities (Scope, 2017).

Scope believe a number of factors play a part in why so many disabled people feel lonely, particularly life costs, underfunding and that parents believe that disabled people do not have access to community activities, leading to a sense of isolation.

This Christmas will be different.

Our Christmas Club on 30 December aims to inspire more disabled people to be socially connected through sport and encourage greater social inclusion throughout this festive season

As part of our campaign, we will share stories of our disabled people to inspire more disabled Londoners to be active.

Peter Ackred, CEO, said: “It’s evident that disabled people are more likely to be lonely and isolated, particularly during the Christmas and New Year period. Last year 60 disabled people joined our Christmas Club. This year we need your support to reach even more people in need.

The stories from our members are incredibly inspiring, motivational and most importantly, real. We wanted to give them a platform to help inspire others to be part of their community and the chance to connect socially.'

Richard's story

“For 30 years, my only interaction was with my family.” From a chronically shy gym-goer to a confident club member, Richard is finally feeling the benefits of regular social interaction, with friends.

Get involved

All disabled people are welcome to attend our Christmas Club on the 30 December 2019. Please keep an eye out on our website for more details on our to register and show your support