Join our Personal Best Challenge - a brand new way to get yourself fit while raising money to support others!

What is the Personal Best Challenge?

Pick a challenge of your choice and set a new personal best while raising money for Disability Sports Coach! The challenge is open to all.


You can start your challenge whenever you like! Give yourself 10 days to do your challenge, and record which day was your highest total.

What challenges can I do?

Anything you like! You can pick one challenge, or maybe try a few different ones!

  • Longest distance walked, run, swum or cycled in one day
  • Most minutes of exercise in one day
  • Longest time balancing on one-leg!
  • Most star-jumps in a day
  • Catching challenge: throw a ball (or pair of socks) in the air and catch it. What’s the most you can do in a day?
  • Bucket challenge: throw a ball (or pair of socks) in a bucket 20 times. What’s your highest score?

Does it have to be a sporty challenge?

The challenge can be anything you like. We encourage non-physical challenges too. Some examples include:

  • Counting the most number of people you’ve spoken to in one day
  • Challenge yourself to read as many books, comics or magazines over 10 days.
  • Aim to meditate every day – what’s the longest you managed?

What’s the fundraising target?

We encourage you to aim to raise at least £30. This will help pay for vital costs like venues, coaches and personal protective equipment (PPE) so our Community Clubs can be enjoyed safely.

How will we support you?

We'll provide all you need to take on your challenge and fundraise!

  • Download a sponsorship form to help collect donations from friends and family.
  • Make sure you tell us about your challenge and we'll share your fundraiser on our website and social media to help you raise as much as possible!

Next steps

So, are you ready to take on your Personal Best Challenge? Great!

Email to let us know about your plans or ask any questions.